Basic Swat (Missouri Post approved)


Advanced Swat (Missouri Post approved)


Each of the above courses, depending on which course is selected, include:


Instruction in basic shooting techniques with handgun and rifle

  • Tactical shooting techniques in handgun and rifle
  • Basic or advanced CQB techniques
  • Basic or advanced CQB techniques employing live fire with handgun and rifle
  • Breeching
  • Tactical stairway movement
  • Force on force training
  • Tactical shield training
  • Arrest planning
  • Legal matters



Enhanced Sniper/Observer

MO-TAC offers a Missouri POST Certified Law Enforcement Sniper/Observer course which provides the officer with the necessary expertise to be a Sniper/Observer. The MO-TAC instructor is an active duty police officer and former USMC sniper and current USMC reserve Sniper.


Other Courses

Police Tactical Rifle / CQB

Basic Tactical Rappelling

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